Saturday Music School

Latymer Upper School

Cost: From £100

21/09/2024 Saturday 08:45 30 Weeks

Course Info

TBMH Saturday Music School at Latymer Upper School (Sat, 08:45am–1:45pm):

Please note - Saturday Music School places will be timetabled on a first-come first-served basis.



30 Minute Musicianship/Music Theory

Students learn musical concepts, staff notation, harmony, music      appreciation, ear training and more! These are 30 minute group lessons that provide a foundation for all musicians and are offered    at all ability levels (beginner to advanced).

£30 per term

30 Minute Small Group Lesson (3-4 students)

Ideal for beginner instrumentalists and singers in their first few   years of learning.

£100 per term

30 Minute Paired Lesson (2 students)

Ideal for beginner to intermediate students to learn together with  another musician.

£120 per term

30 Minute individual Lesson

Ideal for more advanced students (grade 5 and above) who need more specialist attention from their teachers, particularly when preparing for exams.

£240 per term

60 Minute Ensemble or Choir

This is a fantastic opportunity for children learning an instrument to be able to play together with others in a larger group.

Students who study singing will have the opportunity to join a choir to enjoy singing together within a larger group, exploring a wide range of repertoire. 

£60 per term

30 Minute Online Lesson Bundle (10 per term)

We are offering 10 x Individual (1:1) Instrumental, Vocal or Theory  Lessons to be timetabled between families and tutors, held online via zoom. They will be taught online by our fully trained TBMH         Tutors who will have received Safeguarding training and hold a full DBS certificate.

£240 per term

Instrument Hire

£20 per term


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