Future Sounds 2021


Cost: FREE

31/03/2021 09:00 - 22:00

Event Info

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How will it work?

  • Bands/Acts/Artists can submit one music video of them performing a cover – this year we are not accepting original songs. The music video should clearly show the musician(s) performing their music.
  • Any popular or contemporary music act/band - rock, pop, MC, solo artist (band, duo, trio, solo, MC) - can be entered for the competition. All entries must comply with social distancing guidance.
  • All submitted music videos will be moderated by the Music Hub and The Rhythm Studio, and they will make selection of 7 Bands/Acts/Artists to be shortlisted for the final.
  • The submitted music videos of these 7 Bands/Acts/Artists will be cut together alongside judges’ comments and streamed on the day of the final with winners and prizes announced.

Judging / Selection Criteria:

Each band/artist/group will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Arranging (structure, musicality, harmonic interest etc)
  • Technical ability of the musicians
  • Quality of performance
  • Originality and Wow factor

Marks given from 1-5 for each category: 5 = excellent; 1= oh dear!

Who is this event for?

  • Pupils of secondary school age, 11-18, that attend a state-maintained school (including Free schools and Academies) in one of the three Tri-borough Local Authorities (RBKC, WCC, LBHF).
  • Pupils who have their own bands outside of school (e.g. groups that contain pupils from multiple schools) must contain 50% or more members that are Tri-borough area residents or attend a Tri-borough state-maintained school (including Free schools and Academies).


  • Monday 30th November 2020– Launched to schools
  • Friday 12th March 2021 – Online Submission of song/video
  • Friday 19th March 2021 – Announcement of the shortlisted bands/acts for the live stream
  • Wednesday 31st March 2021 – Live Stream event with judging and winners announced

How to enter: There is a two-step process for submitting an entry.


Each Band/Act/Artist must complete the Wufoo form https://tbmh.wufoo.com/forms/zbr878u0e68zol/to provide key information. The submission cannot be processed without giving this information.

  • One named contact that will act as the single point of contact for all communications
  • Name of the Band/Act/Artist, plus school(s) represented, and the boroughs represented
  • The full Names of all band/act members; and which schools they attend
  • Song title - providing all credits for the composer/arranger/lyricist
  • A short 250-word description telling us about the song and the performers
  • *Full publicity permissions for us to use your image/music to post online and agreement that we hold your data complying with GDPR.


Each Band/Act/Artist must submit their one music video using WeTransfer sending it to futuresounds@therhythmstudio.co.uk and in the message include band name and key named contact.

*Publicity, Press, Photos

All performers must agree to publicity release and will understand that images may be used in promotion of the event on websites, social media and press releases by Tri-borough Music Hub/Musical Boroughs Trust, and The Rhythm Studio/Rhythm Studio Foundation. Details of last year’s event can be found here.

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