Out of School Music Tuition 2022-2023

Tuition Name Who For Standard Day Starts
Music Production using Logic X Pro Students in school years 8-13 who live or go to school in LBHF Beginner Tuesday 17:00
First Sounds School years: 2-13 Beginner Monday 16:15
*NEW* Guitar Ensemble School years 2-13 (acoustic guitar only) Beginner,Intermediate Monday 16:15
Breakout Band School years 2-13 Intermediate Monday 17:15
First Voices School years: 1 & 2 only Beginner Tuesday 16:15
Music Production using GarageBand School years: 5-8 Beginner Tuesday 16:15
Next Level Voices School years: 7-13 Advanced Tuesday 17:15
Cello Maestros School years: 4-13 Intermediate,Advanced Wednesday 15:30
Symphonic Band Students who are Grade 5+ on their instrument Advanced Wednesday 17:00
Junior Voices School years: 3-6 Intermediate Thursday 16:30
Beginners Keyboard Class School years: 4-9 only Beginner Thursday 16:30
Continuers Keyboard Class School years: 4-9 only Beginner,Intermediate Thursday 17:30
Keyboard Centre Online School years: 4-9 only Beginner,Intermediate Thursday 16:00
Youth Voice Council School Years: 4-13 Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced Friday 16:30
Saturday Music School School years: 3-13 Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced Saturday 08:45
Online Lesson Bundle School years 3-13 Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced Saturday 09:00